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9 Lives “Felix Fund Charity Coin”

9 Lives “Felix Fund Charity Coin”

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After a long relationship built through mutual interests. TactiFresh & Hold_The_Line decided to do a Charity Collaboration

The design is based upon the 6 Bang, Flash Bang Distraction Device used by forces across the globe by Armed Forces & Law Enforcement, combined with the EOD FELIX. The Felix represents the Cat with 9 lives and the Mascot of the AT/ATO IEDD Community.

Why Felix? Well Hold The Line Apparel explains it best:

“SSgt Brian Shepherd, an Ammunition Technician serving in Northern Ireland in the 1970’s, drew our mascot. A young signaller went to the Officer Commanding 321 Squadron to ask which radio call-sign to use. The OC, having lost two operators that morning, decided on ‘Phoenix’. To reflect the Squadron rising again from the ashes to conquer terrorism in Ireland. The signaller misheard this as ‘Felix’ and it never changed. Whenever Bomb disposal personnel find a suspect device, they still use the phrase ‘Fetch Felix’.”

Collaborating together gives the end user the best of both worlds whilst supporting a worth while charity.

All profits from this Challenge Coin will be donated to The Felix Fund.


Individually Numbered

Size: 84mm - 58.4mm

Thickness: 4mm

Quantity: 75

Bottle Opener: Yes

Key Ring: Yes

QR Code: Yes

Limited to 75

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