Custom Designs

Patches, T-Shirts, Logo’s & Memes, it’s something we know well, for four years we have been producing our own designs for patches, team logo’s and t-shirts alongside being experts in custom memes.

With close to three thousand individual orders and counting, with over 60% of customer’s being return customers, we think that’s a pretty good satisfaction rate given the other 40% are new customers. 

We are now offering end to end product production, have your design ready to go, we now have the capability to bring your design to life in morale/ tactical patch or t-shirt, need help designing your next patch or t-shirt? No problem, we can design and produce from start to finish.

Need a custom meme for a leaving, occasion or birthday card, that’s our bread and butter.

We have been innovating and pushing our design process using AI, innovating old design practices with new technology for the past 18 months. What used to take days or weeks to design we can now do in a fraction of the time.

Interested in working with us to produce your next patch, logo or t-shirt, fill in the contact us form below and someone will be in touch within 24 hours, don’t forget to add your social media @ for easy peer to peer connection.

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