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The “Acorn”

The “Acorn”

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On the 12th November 2023 a Florida sheriff’s deputy mistook the sound of an acorn hitting his patrol cruiser for a gunshot and fired multiple times at the SUV where a handcuffed man was sitting in the backseat.

Luckily the only injury was the pride of one dumb ass deputy! 

To Commemorate this dumb ass stupidity we created this morale patch. 

 •PVC with velcro backing

•9cm x 9cm.


Additionally you can also wear it whilst performing the now infamous “Acorn Drill”


While standing next to your vehicle with your pistol holstered; at the drop of an acorn do three barrel rolls away from the rear of your vehicle and then while laying on your side unload your pistol into your own back window.

Extra points if you crawl away yelling "I'm hit".


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